Clean Ocean Advocates

The ocean is essential for life on earth. It provides over 70 percent of our oxygen and over 97 percent of the world’s water supply. Everyday, the ocean is under attack from man made pollution. In 2010, 215 million metric tons of plastic entered and contaminated the ocean. Pollution not only affects marine life and the ocean, but it also affects humans. Contaminants can enter the food chain and our food supply, causing dangerous health problems such as hormonal issues, damage to our kidneys and nervous systems, and reproductive issues.

Everyone can do this. Together there is nothing we can not accomplish. Let's tackle one problem at a time. Start by signing an online petition to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and save the Pacific Ocean. We can not afford to just sit back and watch anymore. We hold the earth's future in our hands. Please sign this petition so we can start making a difference. The time for complacency is over...the time to take action is now.

Sign a petition to save the Pacific Ocean!